Our Services

Overview of our services…

We provide global solutions and specialist support in order for your business to function as efficiently as possible.

Our experience and expertise ensures that you can rely on DG Tax Accounting to provide a robust and tailored service when it comes to the management of your entities.

And in detail…

We understand that you are looking for more than just a service provider and our team of highly-qualified experts are able to deliver innovative solutions that will exceed your expectations.

From the establishment of a new entity to the implementation of financial transactions, we offer a comprehensive range of corporate services.

Company Incorporation

In detail…

  • Coordinate the set-up of legal entities
  • Manage the implementation of international corporate structures
  • Arrange local and international bank accounts, including dealing with all Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements
  • Register with relevant statutory bodies

Corporate Secretarial

In detail…

  • Provide legal entities with a registered address
  • Organise and manage board meetings (preparation of agendas, notices and comprehensive board packs)
  • Draft minutes and resolutions arising out of board meetings and AGM/EGMs
  • Maintain shareholder registers and entity records


In detail…

  • Identify potential GAAP differences between local GAAP and consolidation GAAP
  • Conversion of local GAAP accounts to consolidation GAAP
  • Review of local reporting packages
  • Preparation of periodic consolidated reports under main accounting GAAP
  • Preparation of a proforma consolidated financial statements

As your accountants, our main goal is to bring effective and compelling solutions to you.

Our best practices will allow you to focus on your business while we do what we do best – tax, accounting, corporate service.


In detail…

  • Provide suitably qualified directors and managers
  • Prepare local regulatory returns (payroll, statistical, tax)
  • Provide authorised signatories
  • Manage cash and treasury (settlement and reconciliation)
  • Full analysis of financial and reporting covenants
  • Full portfolio administration of financing/leasing/IP/royalty/fund structures
  • Detailed policy development – lending and investment, liquidity and FX guidelines
  • Design and implement Internal Control System (ICS)

Tax Compliance

In detail…

  • Arrange for preparation of corporate tax returns and tax balances
  • Maintain relevant contacts with local tax authorities
  • Coordinate with external tax advisors, as needed
  • Prepare VAT returns and maintain VAT records


In detail…

  • Set up chart of accounts and full reporting schedules
  • Maintain company accounts and records
  • Tailor management reporting as per client requirements
  • Prepare annual local GAAP and IFRS financial statements
  • Prepare monthly/quarterly management accounts under local GAAP, US GAAP and IFRS
  • Provide forecasting, budgeting and cash flow analysis
  • Assist with local statutory audits and group consolidations
  • Manage day-to-day operations and coordinate with third party providers
  • Administer cash and bank accounts


In detail…

Through a systematic process we provide tailor-made solutions depending on your specific priorities. We can either act as liquidator or assist the liquidator in the liquidation process.


  • Analysis of the situation : Identification of the assets, review of their liquidity
  • Identification of the liabilities
  • Review of the commitments and the tax situation
  • Estimation of costs
  • Definition of a timetable


  • Realisation of the assets
  • Termination of all agreements with service providers
  • Payments of debts/pending invoices
  • Coordination with the various interveners (auditors, tax advisors, notaries, banks etc.)
  • Payment of advances on liquidation proceeds


  • Preparation of the liquidator’s report
  • Communication with the shareholders, the auditors and regulated bodies
  • Final payments and distribution to shareholders
  • Publication and reporting tasks
  • Deregistration

Payroll and HR Administration

In detail…

  • Calculation of salaries
  • Assistance with the steps involved in the recruitment and departure of staff
  • Administration of filing necessary returns for social security, tax and other employment matters
  • HR audits